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Over on Catholic Radio International, Joseph O’Brien is presenting contemporary books of Catholic interest read over the airwaves! (And the streaming mp3, apparently.)

Over on the Cover to Cover page, you can currently listen to Immaculee Ilibagiza’s searing memoir of living hidden during the Rwandan genocide, Left to Tell. They’re about to start Matthew Lickona’s sweet and honest autobiography, Swimming with Scapulars. Alas, no downloads.

(Unless you use software to record what you hear, which is a fairly trivial operation. Streaming is a fine distribution method, but obviously not meant to provide data security. Logically enough, anything your computer receives, your computer can also save.)

Thanks to Happy Catholic for the heads-up!

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I forgot to remind everyone that January 1 is the day when a bunch of stuff comes out of copyright and into the happy hands of the public. In the US, anything written by anybody who kicked the bucket in 1937 — published or unpublished — is now yours, mine, and ours. Happy Freemas!

This year’s US crop includes H.P. Lovecraft, Edith Wharton, Don Marquis (of “Archy and Mehitabel” fame), Yevgeny Zamyatin (of “We” fame), and J.M. Barrie (Peter Pan).

Enjoy your presents!

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A Dialogue of Comfort against Tribulation continues. Book Two begins with a discussion of the proper place of humor and play in relieving trouble. It seems that our friend, the sainted More, felt that he might have a problem with excessive love of fun…. Can’t think why! 🙂

Book 2, Chs. 0-1


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An Essay upon the Development of Christian Doctrine continues. This time, Newman examines how the Church’s insistence (against Arianism) that Jesus Christ was God, not a creature, affected doctrine on the dignity of normal human creatures in communion with God. (Obviously, this is still a livewire issue, given that Mormon theology on these things is bound to be much discussed this year. Also, some of Newman’s other comments tie in nicely with my Origen podcast this week.)

Chapter 4C


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