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Mr. Sponge’s Sporting Tour continues as Soapey reaps the glad harvest of his virtuous proposal.

Ch. 66: Mr. Sponge at Home


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Mr. Sponge’s Sporting Tour continues as Mr. Sponge finally gets a really good hunt. But who’s hunting who, and what’s the real prize of the day?

Ch. 65: The Hunt


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The Pharsalia continues with more brutal battle scenes. Today we meet some Romans who are truly determined to commit seppuku, and the family members who love them. Talk about your culture of death! Also, King Juba gets his revenge on Curio, one of Rome’s shadiest populist politicians, when Curio’s forces land in North Africa.

Book IV (cont.): Battle in the Adriatic. Death of Curio.



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The Pharsalia continues, as Caesar fights Pompey’s forces in Spain, and they fight thirst.

Book IV: Caesar in Spain


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The Ascent of Mount Carmel continues. We learn about the relationship between the three theological virtues (faith, hope, and love/charity) and the three faculties of the soul (understanding, memory, and will).

BTW, it would be a mistake to think that St. John of the Cross is claiming as a scientific fact that cerebral memory resides in the soul. We are talking about real memory — how the soul knows itself, and that sort of thing. Obviously, the theology of the body view would be that neurological processes and the soul are intimately intertwined and were made to work together, but that ultimately the soul can remember when the body cannot (due to damage or death). Same thing with understanding and the will. Equally obviously, this is something that can be reasoned about but not scientifically tested. (AFAIK.)

However, it’s true that “sin makes you stupid” because it clouds your understanding and narrows your view, and certainly the sins on your soul weaken your will and make it harder to resist further sin. The same narrowing is likely true of memory; we call things to mind based on our character, and attitudes of the moment; and we tend to forget what’s inconvenient to remember.

Ch. 6: How Faith, Hope and Love Perfect, and Produce Emptiness and Darkness in, the Three Faculties of the Soul


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The Ascent of Mount Carmel continues. This is a pretty good place to jump on, btw.

I like the image of God’s grace working in the soul as being like a ray of sunlight coming through a clean or dirty window.

Ch. 5: What Is Meant by Union of the Soul with God


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So, what public domain audiobooks would you like to hear me read? Fridays are free, and Mondays and Tuesdays are going to be free soon. Also, I’m always looking for suggestions in general. Even if I don’t do a book or story immediately, I’ll keep it in mind.

So if you want to hear it, let me hear about it!

Also, what lengths do you prefer? Short stories or novels? Do you like serializing, or would you rather download a whole story in one big chunk? Inquiring podcasters want to know!

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Morien’s tale ends as we see how Lancelot fared against the terrible beast, and how all the quests ended. We also find out what happens to poor King Arthur and Queen Guenevere.
Part 6


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“The Tragedy at Brookbend Cottage” concludes as Max Carrados puts his plan into action.

Part 2


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“The Tragedy at Brookbend Cottage” is another Max Carrados story, complete in two parts. In this story, Max is called in by Mr. Carlyle to help him prevent a murder.

Part 1


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I totally forgot to make mention on the 26th yesterday of the feastday of (here comes the abbreviation for multiple saints) Ss. Joachim and Anna (aka Hannah or Anne). Those are the names which the Church remembers for Mary’s parents — Christ’s grandparents. These good and faithful people, we are told by tradition, had Mary as the child of their old age and an answer to prayer, and in gratitude dedicated Mary to the service of the temple, just as the first Hannah had dedicated Eli.

Legend goes on to tell us that Mary was accordingly taught to read and love the scriptures when she was very young, to prepare her for the work of helping to weave the curtain for the Holy of Holies — and unknowingly, to teach her of the Messiah she would bear, and the promises of God she would help fulfill.

So in many pictures of Mary’s girlhood (as in the one in the sidebar now), we see St. Anne teaching Mary, often with Joachim near. (He’s behind the chair.) In this picture, Mary is also surrounded by women of the family (probably Mary Salome and the other Mary I can’t remember now) doing more traditional work.

Anyway, Mike Aquilina didn’t forget.

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Against Heresies continues with more examination of the ‘genealogy’ of the Aeons, and whether their order of production makes any sense, considering what they personify.

Ch. 13: The First Order of Production Is Altogether Indefensible


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This week, Treatise IV takes us from “give us this day our daily bread” all the way to “deliver us from evil”. (The final part next week will go back again to advice on how to pray.)

Part 3: Give us this day…deliver us from evil


Btw, you might want to click through to that first archive.org link just to see something very nice which the folks at archive.org have done. They’ve made me my own banner and section! I had absolutely no idea they had anything like that in mind.

(Probably they are giving me a gentle hint to tag my stuff…. I suppose it was probably starting to choke out the audiobooks made individually, just as Librivox’s books were. Since I am the most procrastinatory person in the world, this sort of coup d’etat was probably the best way to deal with me!)

Anyway, I am very grateful for this gift of my own room in the asylum!

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This sinus thing is starting to be really inconvenient. To be fair, my younger and healthier colleague across the aisle at work is also still slightly hoarse after all this time. But sheesh, it seems like it’s been forever.
However, I am glad to report that both our sets of white blood cells appear to have the upper hand at this time. Despite the occasional hacking coughs and squeaking voices, our vocal apparatuses also seem to be on the mend.
However, since I have to cantor on Saturday, blogging will be light for the remainder of the week.  Yes, I should have had the sense to do that last week, but sense and hobbies don’t always go together.

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The Pharsalia continues as the people of Massilia are besieged on land and fight a desperate sea battle against Caesar’s little navy, led by Decius Brutus. (Yes, yet another Brutus.)

This part contains graphic scenes of battle and death. It is not work-safe.

Also contains a very spooky sacred grove, which sounds as though it influenced Tolkien.

Part 2, Book III


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