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I was too tired yesterday, and I’ve got to get out of here early to go to a company function today. (Albeit a fun company function!) But when I get back later today, I will post the latest parts of Dark Night and Everlasting Man.

See you in a bit!

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Pastoral Care continues with some general pastoral problems of the married and the single.

Book 3, Chapter 27


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Against Heresies continues with a look at the foolishness of exaggerating New Testament mercies and Old Testament punishments to prove that different gods were responsible for them. Irenaeus also points out that people who know all about Jesus’ coming and teaching are held to a higher standard. In the next chapter, Irenaeus argues against the Marcionite contention that it was all God’s fault that Pharaoh did bad things.

Book 4, Chapters 28-29


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Gerusalemme Liberata continues, as the questing knights arrive at the witch Armida’s little secret lair/love shack. It’s time to free Rinaldo.

Book 16A


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The Dark Night of the Soul continues with a discussion of spiritual envy and sloth in beginners. (Next week we actually get into the Dark Night stuff.)

Chapter 7


UPDATE: Broken link fixed. Thanks, Wald!

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Fatherless Fanny continues. When we last saw the Duke of Albemarle, he was being forced to trust the word of an irresponsible poor little rich girl who likes playing pranks. No wonder this chapter is named:

Chapter 24: Painful Suspense


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