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I still don’t know what’s wrong with my poor sick desktop computer, but I finally have my laptop connected to my home Internet connection. Apparently (in the tradition of holiday specials), I didn’t need to go on my long quest; it had the power to do this all along. (No word on why the ruby slippers didn’t work previously. Heck, maybe I didn’t plug the ethernet cable in well enough.)

Anyway, I’m just grateful this is working. Yay!

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Legacy continues, as Trigger talks to the Plasmoid Project scientists and finds a way to spend off her frustrations.

Chapter 3


As before, I’m posting all this stuff now because I don’t know when I’ll next be able to get online. Soon, I hope.

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Legacy continues, as Mihul gives a warning to a mysterious voice: “The way she’s acting now doesn’t look too rational.”

Chapter 2


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Legacy (aka A Tale of Two Clocks) is a darned good book by one of my favorite sf authors, James H. Schmitz. He’s best known for his Telzey Amberdon psi sci-fi stories (set in the same Galactic Hub as Legacy and including some of the same characters) and his very funny space opera The Witches of Karres.

This book is a sequel to the short story “Harvest Time”, but you don’t have to read that first to understand this book. (I didn’t read it till after.)

So welcome to the Hub, and say hello to your new friend, Trigger Argee! She’s not in the best mood when we first meet her, but you’ll like her even so.

Chapter 1


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Historical history fanfic about the Star of Bethlehem prophecy, by some guy claiming to be Eusebius who isn’t. I’d love to know if the king lists are real, though.
“On the Star”


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