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A Dialogue of Comfort against Tribulation continues. Anthony considers the intimate spiritual ties between trouble and persecution, and the great help God will provide us in temptation — if we call upon Him.

Book 2, Chapters 8-10.


“….we may see with what tender affection God of his great goodness longeth to gather us under the protection of his wings, and how often like a loving hen he clucketh home unto him even those chickens of his that wilfully walk abroad into… danger and will not come at his clucking, but ever, the more he clucketh for them, the farther they go from him. And therefore can we not doubt that, if we will follow him and with faithful hope come running to him, he shall in all matter of temptation take us near unto him and set us even under his wing. And then are we safe, if we will tarry there, for against our will no power can pull us thence, nor hurt our souls there.”


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An Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine continues some more!

Chapter 5D:
Fourth Note — Logical Sequence


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An Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine continues, with more “notes” found in genuine developments of an idea, and not found in corruptions.

Chapter 5C:
Third Note — Power of Assimilation.


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