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A Treasury of Humorous Poetry continues. This time, one of my ethnic oxen is gored, so you can tell I mean it about giving some love to dialect poetry! We also have a couple of ballads of romantic love gone wrong, a retelling of Robinson Crusoe’s contented castaway life, and a slice of parental life.

Pps. 9-17.

“Widow MacShane” by Robert Henry Newell (writing as ‘Orpheus C. Kerr’)
“Robinson Crusoe” by Charles Edward Carryl
“The Ballad of the Oysterman” by Oliver Wendell Holmes
“Only Seven: A Pastoral Story After Wordsworth” by Henry S. Leigh


UPDATE: Link fixed. Sorry about that.

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The Ring and the Book continues, as the moderate party concludes its argument.

Book 4D.


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The Life of St. Anthony of Egypt, written by St. Athanasius, was one of the most popular books among early Christians. It also helped make the budding desert monasticism movement wildly popular with Christians throughout the ancient world, as they saw a way that led to holiness in a world suddenly unthreatened by pagans’ persecution unto martyrdom.

Part 1 introduces us to St. Anthony, and shows us his motivation and early inspirations in living a holy life according to the evangelical counsels.

Part 1


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The Pilgrimage of Egeria continues. Man, those Jerusalem Catholics loved to walk!

Part 10: Ascension and Pentecost.


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The Pilgrimage of Egeria continues, with everything you ever wanted to know about Holy Week/Great Week, Easter, and the Easter Octave in Jerusalem back in the day.

Part 9: Great Week and Easter.


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The Worm Ouroboros continues, as Witchland’s king takes counsel after the previous day’s disaster.

Chapter 32A


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The Moon Pool continues, as Larry and his crew are invited to a banquet. But what’s the occasion?

Chapter 20: The Tempting of Larry.


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