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“Code Three” continues, as our future highway patrollers catch a speeder.

Part 5


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Technical Difficulties

I’ve been dead tired lately. I’ve been getting plenty of sleep time, but not sleeping well. (It’s been a stressful month, what with fire, windstorm, and all.) I’ve also put on a lot of weight, thanks to me chowing down hard and then not being able to sleep. Also, choir and Choraleers have started up again. On top of everything, I just can’t shake this feeling of malaise. (Probably from the lack of sleep.)

So instead of recording on the weekends, I’ve mostly been napping. And on weeknights, I’ve been napping. And even when I try to stay awake, I start napping anyway. I also don’t seem to have a lot of creative juice. The upshot is that I’ve fallen behind rather badly, even now that I have my Internet back.

I am going to try to catch back up, but I’m afraid that will take place rather slowly. I’m going to have to prioritize sleep and exercise for a bit. But this is why subscribing to the podcast is a good thing; you won’t miss anything new that I put out.


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Banquet of the Ten Virgins continues, as Tusiane talks about the spiritual meaning of the etrog (citron) and the Feast of Tabernacles.

Other than the theology of the body stuff and the generalized talk about virtues and chastity being for everybody, I don’t really understand who this talk is pointed at — unless there was some kind of Judaizing fad for camping out. A lot of the fun stuff from the Feast of Tabernacles ended up being incorporated (in the East) in the festivities for the Feast of the Transfiguration (the events of which took place during said Feast of Tabernacles) or the Birth of St. John the Baptist. (Though that may be a case of similar materials and climates leading to similar party games.) Maybe Methodius was writing during that week. Maybe it’s just ’cause the banquet was framed as being held outdoors under a tree.

Discourse 9: Tusiane.


CORRECTION! This Methodius is not the “Cyril and Methodius” one! The Apostles to the Slavs were sent out from Constantinople under Emperor Basil I, when Charlemagne was already dead. Oh, the historical embarrassment!

This Methodius is called “St. Methodius of Olympus”. He died a martyr, possibly in AD 311. His feast day is September 18th.

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“Code Three” continues, as our heroes deal with a stalled out car — not to mention Ohio State game traffic, Chillicothe, and the dark side of being able to Drive Real Fast.

Part 4


I’m really enjoying this story. I can’t understand how it slipped under my radar before, both as a story and in its paperback form. (I believe it was expanded into a novel by the author, but maybe it’s a short story collection.)

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“Code Three” continues its future highway patrol! When we last saw our heroes, they were dealing with a multi-vehicular pileup in the 200 mile an hour lane of a continental highway. Now they have to do the paperwork — as some interesting facts about the wreck emerge….

Part 3


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Argonautica continues with another famous scene — the harpies! But this version includes a chase scene….

Part 7


Yep, I’m back on the pixels! My cable/Internet/phone finally came back this morning.

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Windstorm. No Internet.

Obviously this is a judgement on me for not posting while I had a chance. 🙂 But yeah, my cable/phone/Internet is down, and nobody knows when it will be back — least of all, the cable company. That’s what happens when tens of thousands of trees drop limbs or get uprooted.

I’ll post more when I get back up on the Internet. Or when the ragweed stops tormenting me, whichever comes first. 🙂

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The Sacrifice of the Mass continues, with a chapter on vestments. Obviously, a lot of this refers to vestments still in use in the Extraordinary Form of the Latin Rite, but not often seen in the Ordinary Form.

Chapter 4: The Vestments at Mass


Btw, this textbook was originally written for classes at the church on Farm Street in London; and now there’s going to be an EF Mass offered there in the chapel every week! What goes around…. 🙂

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Tired and Depressed

I’m really beat again, and not sleeping well. Sorry for the lack of posts.

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Banquet of the Ten Virgins continues, as Thecla argues against astrologers and numerologists (which in this talk are called “mathematici”, mathematicians), and for the existence of free will.

Discourse 8C


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“Code Three” continues, as our three futuristic highway patrol officers respond to a multi-vehicular pileup.

Part 2


And don’t miss the first two installments of my special bonus presidential election sf story, “Hail to the Chief” by the unpredictable Randall Garrett! Just scroll back past this week’s installment of “Argonautica”, and there it is.

Also, let me know what you think of the new theme and header I’m trying out. Too much? Hard to read? Does it make your eyes hurt?

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The Argonautica continues, as we meet an island king who forces all visitors to choose a champion to box with him. Little does he know that onboard the Argo is the greatest boxer in the world, the hero twin Polydeuces! (AKA Pollux of “Castor and”.)

Part 6


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“Hail to the Chief” continues, as Randall Garrett’s political dream team worries about a Soviet shootdown — on the Moon.

Part 2: A rapid response.


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“Hail to the Chief” is a near future piece of political science fiction, which seems a fitting choice now that the presidential race is heating up. The concept:

What if the best choice for an elected office were someone too boring for the voters to elect?

Garrett’s style in this story seems to me to have been inspired by Allan Drury’s political thrillers, at least in its careful refusal to name parties. (A very shrewd move by Drury and Garrett, as it enables anyone to enjoy and profit by their stories, and removes the authorial temptation to get partisan.)

So, ripped not from the headlines but from the pages of the February 1962 Analog, get ready to enjoy “Hail to the Chief”!

Part 1: An unconventional nomination.


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The Story of a Soul continues, as St. Therese reveals her simple tactics for trying to love her neighbor not just as herself, but as Jesus does.

Chapter 9B


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