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The 1849 Welsh “All Hallows Eve” party continues, but now it’s time for its highlight — Pally Lewis’ terrifying stories, all of which happened to her or a friend of a friend.

“All Hallows Eve”, Part 2


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“All Hallows Eve” is a stand-alone chapter about a Welsh Halloween from Traits and Stories of the Welsh Peasantry (1849) — a wonderfully detailed and lovingly written novel with an extremely misleading title. (The frame story is that these are people the English author knows personally, and that this is a folklore book; but it seems pretty clear that she did make the story up, although both story and characters are very plausible.) We don’t hear much about the Welsh side of Celtic customs in this country, so I think you’ll enjoy it. Another great forgotten book from Stanford’s library and books.google.com!

This chapter is all about old Pally Lewis’ annual All Hallows’ Eve festivities, and goes into details of the Welsh customs of the day. It also sounds like a really fun way to spend Halloween!

“All Hallows Eve”, Part 1


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Little Fuzzy concludes with a flourish.

Chapter 17


Btw, Little Fuzzy has several sequels. Piper’s own sequel, Fuzzy Sapiens (originally published as The Other Human Race) was published in 1964. His second sequel, Fuzzies and Other People, was not discovered until long after his death, and was published in 1984. Before this was found, both William Tuning (Fuzzy Bones, 1981) and Ardath Mayhar (Golden Dream: A Fuzzy Odyssey, 1982) were commissioned to write sequels.

But if you don’t want to read the sequels, don’t worry. Little Fuzzy also stands alone.

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Little Fuzzy‘s penultimate chapter begins on a sad note. (If you’re letting young kids listen, maybe you won’t want them to hear the very beginning.) Then we turn back to the task of defining sapience. It’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it….

Chapter 16


UPDATE: Link corrected.

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Cabbages and Kings continues, as the new Coralio government investigates what happened to all that money.

Ch. 7: Money Maze


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Fatherless Fanny continues, as Lisbon proves a place of many reunions.

Ch. 8: A Wedding.


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Fatherless Fanny continues with a pair of fast-moving chapters which greatly alter the now teenaged Fanny’s circumstances. Lady Ellincourt’s depression and poor health make her move to Lisbon. And though she still loves Fanny like her own child, she doesn’t plan on taking Fanny along….

Chapter 7: The Separation.


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