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I’m finally starting up again on The Imitation of Christ.

Part 15
Part 16
Part 17
Part 18

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The second third of Lord Dunsany’s Fifty-One Tales.


“The Latest Thing”
“The Demagogue and the Demi-Monde”
“The Giant Poppy”

“The Man with Golden Ear-rings”
“The Dream of King Karna-Vootra”

“The Storm”
“A Mistaken Identity”
“The True History of the Hare and the Tortoise”

“Alone the Immortals”
“A Moral Little Tale”
“The Return of Song”

“Spring in Town”
“How the Enemy Came to Thlunrana”
“A Losing Game”

“Taking Up Piccadilly”
“After the Fire”

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That’s right, folks! A whole three weeks’ worth of nothing but short-shorts by Lord Dunsany! I’m reading all Fifty-One Tales in the book. Death! Time! Poetry! Fame! Small gods! More bizarre ideas than you can shake a pen at!

The regular schedule of blogging will resume in seventeen days. Just hold yourself to three tales a day, and you’ll get through.

The first week:

“The Assignation”
“The Death of Pan”

“The Sphinx of Gizeh”
“The Hen”
“Wind and Fog”

“The Raft-Builders”
“The Workman”
“The Guest”

“Death and Odysseus”
“Death and the Orange”
“The Prayer of the Flowers”

“Time and the Tradesman”
“The Little City”
“The Unpasturable Fields”

“The Worm and the Angel”
“The Songless Country”

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Remember that you can visit some of my other audiobook podcast links.

I’ve just started listening to Tom Corven, an audiobook about a boy who finds himself alone and amnesiac in a strange world, with an uncanny power within him. It was inspired by the wild landscape of Arran, and the author reading it has a great accent! So I think you’ll enjoy it.

BBC 7 as always has some awesome books and book dramatizations to listen to, right now including C.S. Lewis’ Perelandra and some Lord Peter Wimsey detection. But I’m excited about Whisky Galore, the saga of a fictional Scottish island faced with a real WWII problem. What to do when whisky is sternly rationed, but a whole boatload going to America gets shipwrecked on your barren isle? I mean, it’d be a sin to let it all go to waste, as even the priest and the preacher agree….

(The book (and the awesomely fun movie, shot on location!) also features a sweet subplot about how an English soldier sets about marrying his island sweetheart, complete with advice from the local bard. It’s by Compton Mackenzie, the same gifted and hilarious Scottish writer who came up with Monarch of the Glen, and so there’s a bit of a crossover in it. Highly recommended, if you can get ahold of a copy.)

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Three Edwardian wise men are called to the wilds of Cornwall at Christmas.

“A Christmas Mystery: The Story of Three Wise Men”
34 min.

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An interesting homily on what the angel said to St. Joseph. I’m not golden-tongued like the sainted bishop/patriarch of Constantinople, but give it a listen!

Homily 5
33 min.

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Part 4: The Felling of the Tree

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