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Librivox: The Collected Works of St. Patrick(translated by Cecil Frances Alexander). Includes his letter to Coroticus, his Confessio, and “The Deer’s Cry”, the beautiful “breastplate” prayer (lorica) ascribed to him.

The Dead White Guys podcast (sadly deceased, but still a good source of free audiobooks) includes a three-part reading of the Confessio.

Tantor Media has a non-free audiobook of Philip Freeman’s bio, St Patrick of Ireland. Don’t know anything about the book, but Tantor does some very good readings.


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The Argonautica ends with one last blast of trouble for the Argonauts: a classical giant robot and the mythological origin of the island Thera.

Part 23

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Sorta Back

My arm is still broken, but I’ve now got a new computer that’s not. Internet access is still sporadic, but I’ll see what I can do to get up and running again.

Hope everyone is having a good Lent/Spring!

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