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Work’s been exceedingly busy this week, it was hard to read the lyrics last night at choir practice (much less sightread!), and I’m exceedingly pooped. So I’m taking another early night tonight. I will try to get Nebuly done tomorrow morning (and maybe Fanny too), and then catch up with Gerusalemme and Ascent tomorrow night.

I apologize for the inconvenience.

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The lovely people of archive.org have restored the details pages of Book III of Against Heresies and Pastoral Care to mortal view! Yay! So you’ll find the concluding chapters of Book III below. (I’ve been saving them up since October.)

But don’t let all those posts make you miss out on O. Henry, “The Brazen Android”, and Andre Norton from earlier this week, okay?

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Just a taster, I’m afraid: Homily 12 of a series. This one talks about Melchizedek and Christ, so it’s appropriate for the week after the Sunday of Christ the King.

Homily 12


One of these days I’d actually like to wade through one of the Fathers’ homily series, reading a little every Sunday. It must have been neat, back in the old days, to have the priest do Bible study every week during his homily for the length of a whole book. (Not that there’s anything wrong with homilies referring to the readings of the Sunday. But a couple of times, our parish priests worked up a three or four Sundays’ homily series from the readings of each Sunday, and they were Very Cool. Songs are nice, but there’s something about an album, eh?)

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Pastoral Care continues. Sorry it’s just one chapter. As you may notice, archive.org fixed this details page, too.

Ch. 12: How the healthy and the sick should be admonished.


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Book III of Against Heresies concludes with a recap of Gnostic arguments, and the reaffirmation of Christian belief in an infinitely good and just God who lovingly made the world of matter and cares about it and its inhabitants. (Only two more books to go! I’ll start posting Book IV next week.)

Chs. 24-25


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Against Heresies continues. Now that Irenaeus has shown how the apostles believed that Jesus really was born under miraculous conditions, and that Jesus was both God and man, it’s time to defend Jesus’ human side from the Gnostics who think all that flesh stuff is just plain icky. Then he must defend Adam’s right to be saved along with the rest of the human race.

Chs. 22-23: Christ assumed actual flesh, conceived and born of the Virgin. Arguments in opposition to Tatian, showing that it was consonant to divine justice and mercy that the first Adam should first partake in that salvation offered to all by Christ.


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Against Heresies continues. This chapter (just in time for Advent!) refutes several different heretical beliefs about Mary and the virgin birth of Jesus.

Ch. 21: A vindication of the prophecy in Isa. vii. 14 against the misinterpretations of Theodotion, Aquila, the Ebionites, and the Jews. Authority of the Septuagint version. Arguments in proof that Christ was born of a virgin.


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