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A Dialogue of Comfort against Tribulation continues, as More discusses the different sorts of reactions to trouble that people have.

Book 1, Chapters 3-5


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An Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine continues, as Newman talks about Christianity’s relationship as a universal religion to changing places and times.

Chapter 2A


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Brain Twister continues, as Agent Malone learns that finding a telepath is going to be a little harder than he’d thought.

Chapter 2B


UPDATE: Broken link fixed. Sorry, everybody.

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“The Trial for Murder” concludes, with some very strange court procedures.

Part 2


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Yes, that Charles Dickens.

What if the victim could attend “The Trial for Murder”?

Part 1


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As horror writer and scholar, M.R. James gets to use all his talents in this spoooooooky retelling of The Testament of Solomon, a spooooooky piece of early Christian apocrypha drawing heavily on Jewish legend and lore. You can read more of James’ thoughts about the work here, on this excellent M.R. James webzine site.

“Solomon and the Demons”


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Against Heresies continues, as St. Irenaeus talks about how fitting it was that Jesus should defeat Satan both as a man like Adam and as the Word of God.

Book 5, Chapter 21


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