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Here's a little something different for you for Friday. This is the tale of a cowboy, riding alone in Mexico, who unexpectedly faces a deadly choice. Should he give "el tiro de gracia" — the mercy shot?

"El Tiro de Gracia"


This story is actually dated after 1923. "What's up with that?" you wonder. Well, it's simple. Back in the day, the author or copyright holder had to renew the copyright on a story after a certain period of years in order to keep it. This copyright was not renewed, for whatever reason, and has therefore fallen into the public domain.

I found this story through pulpgen.com, a wonderful resource for sampling public domain "pulp fiction". (As opposed to the fiction found in more expensive magazines that used more expensive paper — the "glossies".) But you can also find it on blackmask.com.

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The mystery continues, as we follow young Dr. Jervis to the Coroner's inquest.

Chapter 13: The Crowner's Quest


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The second half of the lecture contains more talk about the Resurrection, including some good stuff about Jonah's foreshadowing of Jesus. We hear something about the Ascension, too.

Lecture 14, Part Two


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The lectures continue with a Monday talk on the Resurrection, and the Old Testament texts which predicted and foreshadowed it. This is especially impressive for being given at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. However, we again see hints of the growing tension between the Church and the Jews, as their joint paschal season approaches. We accordingly see a lot of tension between apologetics as evangelism and as a defense against the arguments of others.

 Lecture 14: On the Words "And Rose Again from the Dead"


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The story continues as Mr. Sponge rides through the winter night.

Chapter 52: A Moonlight Ride


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Mr. Sponge finds himself alone with the hounds….

Chapter 51: Farmer Peastraw's Dine-Matinee


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Mr. Sponge's saga continues as he goes hunting with Sir Harry Scattercash.

Chapter 50: Sir Harry Scattercash's Hounds


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