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A Dialogue of Comfort against Tribulation continues. In this part of a long chapter on suicide, More discusses how to stop people from committing suicide out of delusion.

Chapter 16A.


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An Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine continues. Newman discusses the sorts of laws that Christians routinely broke. It’s not just that they didn’t worship the emperor; they were acting like a secret society and doing other things that Romans found dangerous, subversive, and distasteful. (You will also find parallels to things disliked by today’s atheists.)

Chapter 3C.


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Legacy continues, with a brief fashion chapter. (Probably not safe for work, but funny.)

Chapter 13


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The Ring and the Book continues, with more of the story from the POV of the friends of Pompilia and the Comparini family.

Book 3B.


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On Prayer continues, with another controversial chapter. On the one hand, Origen has some great stuff to say about the “debts” we owe each other, God, and the world. On the other hand, Origen actually argues that some sins can’t and shouldn’t be forgiven by any human being, or even sacramentally! (Sometimes, it’s easy to believe that he cut off important bits, but hard to believe that he learned his lesson from it.) So… pay attention to the part where he’s making sense, and not to the other bit.

Chapter 18: And Forgive Us Our Debts As We Also Have Forgiven Our Debtors.


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The Worm Ouroboros continues. The battle begins, and the soldier Arnod tells of the gory struggle.

Chapter 26B.


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The Worm Ouroboros continues. Lord Juss, Lord Spitfire, and Lord Brandoch Daha have a daring plan to defeat the forces of Witchland.

Chapter 26: The Battle of Krothering Side.


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