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“The Devolutionist” continues, as Powart and Fort continue trying to do something really big.

Chapter 15: Powart Strikes


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The Lani People continues. Our space veterinarian is still a bit upset after the events of last chapter (again, in a way you might not feel like broadcasting), so it’s lucky for him that an action chapter comes along! I’ll leave you with a little cliffhanger, to encourage you to come back next week.

Chapter 11A


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The Lani People continues, after our space vet’s settled in a bit. But now he faces something even scarier than deadly space parasites — a romance plot! (And no, this isn’t going where you think it’s going. Have faith. But even though it’s quite sedate by today’s standards, this might not be the episode you want to play out loud for your kids or everybody at work….)

Chapter 10


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The Lani People continues, as our young space veterinarian plots to destroy some alien parasites.

Chapter 9


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Gerusalemme Liberata continues. In our last part, the gallant questing knights persuaded Rinaldo (the only knight who can defeat the demons of the wood, so the Crusaders can build more siege machinery, so they can conquer Jerusalem before the sultan of Egypt arrives with reinforcements) to return to his duties.

Unfortunately, returning to his duties means leaving his lover, the princess and witch Armida. She is not going to take this well.

Book 16B


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The Dark Night of the Soul continues.

Book I, Chapter 10: How souls should conduct themselves in this night [the night of sense].


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Back on Schedule, Sorta

Yes, despite my old computer’s mouse attempting suicide last night (it jumped off my desk! still worked directionally, but the buttons went dead) and other vicissitudes (missing an offsite General Office Meeting for work — I knew I should have written that down on my hand!), I think I have now conquered the technical problems.

1. First they seemed like a luxury item and now they seem primitive, but they _do_ still make CD-RW’s. So until Mr. Wireless Router condescends to cooperate with Messrs. Computer, Cable Modem, and Laptop, the CD-RW version of sneakerlink will do nicely.

2. I’m feeling a lot better now that the first couple weeks of Allergy Season are over. (Usually I’m so busy sneezing and wiping my eyes that I don’t notice feeling drained, I guess!)

3. Asterius of Amasea’s sermon on divorce is still attracting 400 extremely obscene spam messages a week, as it has for nearly a month now. I suppose this proves that the good bishop’s work is topical and Relevant to Our Times….

4. I am going to try to persuade my younger brother and my dad to record some dialogue audiobooks, now that I have two computers to record on. (Yes, I know there are such things as mixing boards, but you really don’t want to see me dealing with complex machinery.) I’d really love to hear them do St. Thomas More’s book on persevering through troubles and tribulations, but we’ll see. First I have to persuade them.

5. Yes, I will definitely be finishing out The Lani People and “The Devolutionist”. I will start recording tomorrow morning (God willing and the new mouse don’t throw itself on the old mouse’s pyre). So expect some really exciting chapters this Monday night-Tuesday day!

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