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Mr Sponge’s Sporting Tour continues. Apparently, it is universally acknowledged that a man in possession of a pack and a good fortune requires a huntsman. Or at least, that’s what’s believed by the snobby huntsman whom Mr Puffington’s about to meet.

Ch. 33: A Swell Huntsman.


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Continuing to take Mr Sponge’s Sporting Tour, we meet Mr Sponge’s new host-to-be as he is now — Mr. Puffington, a man of wealth, leisure, avoirdupois, and absolutely no interest in foxhunting. So why is he the Master of the Hanby Hounds?

Chapter 32: The Man of P-r-o-r-perty.


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Mr Sponge’s Sporting Tour continues.

Chapter 31, “Mr Puffington; or, The Young Man about Town”, contains a flashback to the days of the Regency. (Even funnier if you read a lot of Regency romances and are familiar with the Corinthians, dandies, and Bond Street beaus.)


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“How I Lost My Gravity” is today’s cute little story from Fitz-James O’Brien. I know he’s not noted for cute little stories, but there you go.


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The end of this week’s section of The Imitation of Christ.

Part 22 deals with what to do in times of trouble and temptation.


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More of The Imitation of Christ.

Part 21 deals with the basis of Christ’s peace.


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The Imitation of Christ continues some more.

Part 20 includes an invaluable list of four simple things that will bring peace to us. Unfortunately, it’s “a minute to learn, a lifetime to master”.


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