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The Ring and the Book continues, and so does “Half-Rome”. More shocking revelations of villainy and deceit ensue!

Book 2 (cont.)


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On Prayer continues, with more thoughts on how the Our Father applies inside us as well as to the rest of the world.

Chapter 15: Thy Kingdom Come.


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On Prayer continues its chapters on the Lord’s Prayer, aka the Our Father.

Chapter 14: Hallowed Be Thy Name.


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The Worm Ouroboros continues, as Corinius starts to move on Lady Mevrian. But the other lords of Witchland have their own ideas….

Chapter 24A: A King in Krothering.


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The Worm Ouroboros continues, as Corinius continues his assaults on Krothering — and vows to take Lady Mevrian as well.

Chapter 23: The Weird Begun of Ishnain Nemartra


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I can’t do a Coleraine accent. But then, the O’Keefes were a Munster clan. Let’s just suppose the man did a lot of visiting his granny down south in Tipperary, or that the Virginia accent softened things. Or you can just accept my sad attempt at acting…. 🙂

“Eilidh”, aka “The Love-Chant of Cormac Conlingas” is a poem/song lyric by William Sharp, aka “Fiona Macleod”. You can find it in this 1901 book but it was originally published in 1884. Merritt took out all the “ho-i” burdens, so one assumes that O’Keefe is not singing the lyrics as a Hebrides-style song.

In next week’s chapters, we have another snatch of song, “The Little Red Lark”. It comprises lyrics written by Katherine Tynan and collected in this 1921 book, to a traditional Irish air I don’t know. Thus 8Notes.com has a midi up. However, there’s an almost totally different version up as a Scottish children’s song. I will assume that Tynan, being Irish, was putting lyrics to the Irish one, but I could be wrong.

UPDATE: I believe that the use of Tynan as a song may come from William Arms Fisher’s 1915 book Sixty Irish Songs: For High Voice. “All in the Morning Early, O!” uses Tynan’s lyrics and a traditional Irish tune of which we are not given the name. Alfred Perceval Graves’ lyrics are set to a different tune, “The Little Red Lark of the Mountain”, under the song title “The Little Red Lark”. I’m not totally sure I found the right tune for the right lyrics, though, as my music-reading skills are not great!


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The Moon Pool continues, as Dr. Goodwin makes a friend.

Chapter 7:  Larry O’Keefe.


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The Moon Pool continues, as our narrator deals with the aftermath of Throckmartyn’s night.

Chapter 6: “The Shining Devil Took Them!”


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A Dialogue of Comfort against Tribulation continues. Anthony considers the intimate spiritual ties between trouble and persecution, and the great help God will provide us in temptation — if we call upon Him.

Book 2, Chapters 8-10.


“….we may see with what tender affection God of his great goodness longeth to gather us under the protection of his wings, and how often like a loving hen he clucketh home unto him even those chickens of his that wilfully walk abroad into… danger and will not come at his clucking, but ever, the more he clucketh for them, the farther they go from him. And therefore can we not doubt that, if we will follow him and with faithful hope come running to him, he shall in all matter of temptation take us near unto him and set us even under his wing. And then are we safe, if we will tarry there, for against our will no power can pull us thence, nor hurt our souls there.”

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An Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine continues some more!

Chapter 5D:
Fourth Note — Logical Sequence


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An Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine continues, with more “notes” found in genuine developments of an idea, and not found in corruptions.

Chapter 5C:
Third Note — Power of Assimilation.


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Legacy continues, as Trigger learns what she supposed to do next. She’s not going to like it!

Chapter 8


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Legacy continues, as Trigger learns what’s up with all the grabbers.

Chapter 7


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The Ring and the Book continues, as Robert Browning tells us what half of Rome (or possibly, the demiRome) thought about the case. Prepare for shocking revelations, and a gruesome discovery!

Book 2A: Half-Rome


UPDATE: Link has been fixed.

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On Prayer continues, as Origen begins a line-by-line commentary on the “Our Father”.

Ch. 13: “Our Father in heaven.”


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