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The man who keeps telling us to read the Fathers out loud has finally put out a podcast of his own. Just this week, Fr. John Zuhlsdorf has read us bits of Pope St. Leo the Great, St. Augustine, and now, St. Cyprian of Carthage. (The latter is from the same treatise on the “Our Father” which I recorded in English translation.) You can follow along at his blog posts, where he provides the Latin text and an English translation.

I recommend you give him a listen. Father Z’s Latin readings are beautiful (totally unlike mine!!), and he’s also podcast some very interesting stuff in English.

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Our man Ephrem the poet gives us a prose sermon about sin and repentance this time, as well as a little Bible fanfic! Enjoy!

“On the Sinful Woman”


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Pastoral Care continues, with more thoughts on preaching. This time, the Pope considers what to say to qualified preachers who are reluctant to preach, and then what to tell people who aren’t allowed to preach but are champing at the bit to do it.

Book 3, Chapter 25


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Against Heresies continues, with an interesting couple of chapters. Chapter 25 treats both Abraham and Tamar’s lives as foreshadowing God’s covenants. Then Chapter 26 presents us with the great quote: “the treasure hid in the Scriptures is Christ”. (The OT scriptures, that is.)
Book 4, Chapters 25-26


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“The Devolutionist” continues, as Fort makes his move on Mona — and the world.

Chapter 13: The Rebel and Chapter 14: Under Martial Law


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The Lani People continues, as we learn a little bit more about the Lani, and about Alexander’s company.

Chapter 8


And remember, this is not the most work-safe book of all time.

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Gerusalemme Liberata continues, as the two questing knights leave the wizard of Ascalon, and head for the witch Armida’s private island.

Book 15


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