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The man who keeps telling us to read the Fathers out loud has finally put out a podcast of his own. Just this week, Fr. John Zuhlsdorf has read us bits of Pope St. Leo the Great, St. Augustine, and now, St. Cyprian of Carthage. (The latter is from the same treatise on the “Our Father” which I recorded in English translation.) You can follow along at his blog posts, where he provides the Latin text and an English translation.

I recommend you give him a listen. Father Z’s Latin readings are beautiful (totally unlike mine!!), and he’s also podcast some very interesting stuff in English.


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Our man Ephrem the poet gives us a prose sermon about sin and repentance this time, as well as a little Bible fanfic! Enjoy!

“On the Sinful Woman”


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Pastoral Care continues, with more thoughts on preaching. This time, the Pope considers what to say to qualified preachers who are reluctant to preach, and then what to tell people who aren’t allowed to preach but are champing at the bit to do it.

Book 3, Chapter 25


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Against Heresies continues, with an interesting couple of chapters. Chapter 25 treats both Abraham and Tamar’s lives as foreshadowing God’s covenants. Then Chapter 26 presents us with the great quote: “the treasure hid in the Scriptures is Christ”. (The OT scriptures, that is.)
Book 4, Chapters 25-26


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“The Devolutionist” continues, as Fort makes his move on Mona — and the world.

Chapter 13: The Rebel and Chapter 14: Under Martial Law


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The Lani People continues, as we learn a little bit more about the Lani, and about Alexander’s company.

Chapter 8


And remember, this is not the most work-safe book of all time.

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Gerusalemme Liberata continues, as the two questing knights leave the wizard of Ascalon, and head for the witch Armida’s private island.

Book 15


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The Dark Night of the Soul gets rolling, with a review of the first stanza of the poem. St. John of the Cross then takes a moment to discuss the difference between beginners (still working on meditation, and trying to get to the stuff in Ascent) and progressives (people who’ve already started contemplation).

He also steps back to mention those bad attitudes and habits of beginners which can prevent them from progressing. He’s going to go through all the Seven Deadly Sins, but we begin with those connected to Pride. I certainly could tell he was talking to me!

Book 1, Prologue and Chapters 1-2


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Fatherless Fanny continues. The journey north to Fanny’s old home at Lady Ellincourt’s country seat proves uneventful. But the stops at inns along the way are only too full of incident.

Chapter 22: Tete a Tete


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The latest parts of Fatherless Fanny and The Everlasting Man will not be posted until tomorrow. I’ve been trying to figure out my new laptop’s new recording software, but it’s going slowly.

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Check it out! She reveals that the Vatican uses Linux, thus fulfilling Jesus’ promise about the Gates not prevailing against it. 🙂

Also, be sure to stop by vatican.va’s Lenten music pages, to download seasonal mp3s of the Sistine Choir and the Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music. The latter includes chant you can use, and some polyphonic stuff, too.

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Christopher Morley was a well-known writer and literary man back in the day, as well as one of the founders (in 1934) of the Baker Street Irregulars and its scion Sherlockian clubs. So I’ve been meaning to post a mystery he wrote for the literary/booktrade magazine The Bookman in March and April 1921. Here’s the March part; April will come next week.

“The Curious Case of Kenelm Digby”, Part 1


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I figured that, since last week we heard about Daniel as a detective, it’s only fair to read you the bit where he gets to be a very young Perry Mason.

“Susanna and the Elders”


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After putting it up a week early and having to take it down again, I almost forgot to put my Lent header image back up. Basically, the idea was to have a Lent header that also included the Annunciation, because of course the Feast of the Annunciation is March 25th — before the end of Lent. Also, it was recently pointed out to me that pregnancies are 40 weeks long, etc. But I really shouldn’t have that Pentecost image up yet, even if it does have the goofy medieval glasses on that apostle.

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It’s short but packs a punch. It tells you that Lent is spiritual warfare, and why the demons hate our guts. And it’s by the guy who turned back Attila the Hun.

What’s not to love??

“On Lent — Sermon 1”


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