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The Ring and the Book continues, as young Fr. Caponsacchi tells the tale of the flight to Rome.

Book 6E


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Who Is the Rich Man That Shall Be Saved? continues. So what was important about the disciples’ response to Jesus’ little talk with the young rich man?

Part 5


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Banquet of the Ten Virgins continues, with a short and sweet talk by Theopatra.

Discourse 4: Theopatra.


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The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath continues, as Randolph Carter continues his journey into the onyx mining regions of Inquanok.

This part harbors one of Lovecraft’s most intentionally pulpy sentences, as he winks at the annoying convention of his contemporaries of having male heroes faint from shock. (Listen for the word “hippocephalic”.)

Part 8

33 min.


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The Moon Pool rushes toward its exciting conclusion. In its antepenultimate chapter, the forces of Yolara and Lugur make a daring move against the Akka and the Silent Ones!

Chapter 33: The Meeting of Titans.


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Father Z is starting to read some of Guareschi’s famously fun Don Camillo stories on his PodcaZt. Whether you’re new to the Little World of postwar small town Italy, or an old friend of the good beefy priest and his wayward village Communist sheep, Peppone, I know you’ll enjoy these tales.

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A Dialogue of Comfort against Tribulation continues. Vincent worries about worldly shame, and Anthony thinks of heavenly glory.

Book 3, Chapter 23

9 min.

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