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A Treasury of Humorous Poetry continues — with love found and pigs, love lost and murder, gobble-uns, and one embarrassed invisible man.

“Larrie O’Dee” by William W. Fink
“Tim Turpin” by Thomas Hood
“The Elf-Child” (aka “Little Orphant Annie” or “The Gobble-Uns”) by James Whitcomb Riley
“The Perils of Invisibility” by William S. Gilbert


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A Treasury of Humorous Poetry continues, with more examples of what our forefathers thought was funny stuff.  The great Paul Laurence Dunbar also makes an appearance.

“The Twins” by Henry S. Leigh
“Little Breeches” by John Hay
“Companions” by Charles Stuart Calverley
“The Lawyer’s Invocation to Spring” by Henry Howard Brownell
“Po’ Little Lamb” by Paul Laurence Dunbar
“Three Verses by Ironquill” by Eugene F. Ware (aka Ironquill)
“My Aunt” by Oliver Wendell Holmes
“The Baby’s Debut” by James Smith


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A Treasury of Humorous Poetry continues. I’ve heard a lot about “The Wonderful One Hoss Shay”, so it was very interesting to see it at last. Oliver Wendell Holmes used to be such a household name; and now a name to memorize is all he is, to most of us.

“The Schoolmaster Abroad with His Son” by Charles Stuart Calverley
“The Wonderful One-Hoss Shay” by Oliver Wendell Holmes
“Captain Reece” by William S. Gilbert (aka W.S. Gilbert of “Gilbert and Sullivan” fame)
“The Courtin'” by James Russell Lowell


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A Treasury of Humorous Poetry continues, with tales of scientific etiquette, stage door Johnnies, and not-so-true love.

Pps. 17-21.

“The Society on the Stanislaus” by Bret Harte.
“An Actor” by John Wolcot.
“The Biter Bit” by William E. Aytoun.
“Ode to Tobacco” by Charles Stuart Calverley.


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Return with me now to those fabled days of yesteryear, when famous writers could commit fanfic, write massive crossovers, and get paid for it!

Anyway, from the public domain pages of The Century magazine, here’s Carolyn Wells’ first tale of the Society of Infallible Detectives:

“The Adventure of the Mona Lisa


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Brain Twister continues. Malone takes stock of the telepathic project and his spy mystery, and realizes he’s been missing something very important, all along.

Chapter 8A


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Brain Twister continues. In our penultimate chapter, Malone finally gets his charges to Yucca Flats. For all the good that does him.

Chapter 7


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