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I apologize for the inconvenience, but I’ve had to tell archive.org to please take down my audiobook of The Everlasting Man. It is still under copyright despite the life plus 70 rule. (The copyright was renewed in 1953, I just found out. This gave it another 67 years. So instead of expiring 70 years after Chesterton expired, it won’t expire until 2020. Imagine my chagrin.) What’s really annoying is that I did look through the renewal database but didn’t find this 1953 renewal. Sigh. Gotta love government records.

(And hey, at least I found it out for myself, instead of getting a cease-and-desist letter from anybody.)

So anyway, the links are going to vanish like boojums as soon as I can get to tand you can expect the book to disappear as soon as archive.org gets around to disappearing it. If anybody from Australia (life + 50 and no ninety-five year copyrights) or some other country with a different copyright situation would like to host this audiobook, that would of course be fine with me.

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Yes, I would have pre-recorded podcasts if I’d mustered the motivation to do it. But I didn’t, so I’m afraid that my posts won’t be as timely as they might be, at least for the next couple weeks. I apologize for the inconvenience.

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The Ring and the Book continues, as we begin to hear Giuseppe Caponsacchi’s side of the story. He says he was just protecting a woman who thought her life was in danger — and that her fate proves she was right.

Book 6A


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While we’re in Alexandria with St. Athanasius, we may as well go back a few generations to Origen’s teacher, St. Clement of Alexandria. (No, the chop was not his idea. As you’ll see, St. Clement is a calm, stable philosopher-type guy. Lots of gravitas in St. Titus Flavius Clemens.)

St. Clement was a philosopher and a layman, who wrote several longish works of theology which were pretty much for normal lay consumption. But this short piece is not deep mystagogy for the newly baptized; it’s practical advice from one layperson to another on how to conduct oneself, now that you’re in the Church.

“Exhortation to Endurance”


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The Life of Antony continues, as St. Antony does some miracles, has some mystical visions, and shows he’s not one of those sourfaced ‘saints’ that so annoyed St. Teresa of Avila.

Part 7


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The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath continues. The dreamer, Randolph Carter, tries something desperate to get out of the horrible land filled with bones. But even if he does escape, the road ahead will be… ghastly.

Part 4.


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The Moon Pool continues, as we find out why we saw those strange green sparks last chapter.

Chapter 27: The Coming of Yolara.


UPDATE: The rest of the book is on a different directory and page at archive.org, MoonPool2. Don’t panic!

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