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On Christian Doctrine (St. Augustine’s book on scriptural interpretation methods) continues to veer off into a discussion of what should really be loved, by way of exploring what should be “enjoyed” versus what should be merely used. Also, the Resurrection, the healing of the human race, the Last Judgment, and so on. All very interesting and useful; but you’re not going to hear much more about scriptural interpretation for a while yet. Do you really care, though? Isn’t it better to delve into the linguistics metaphor of “the Word became flesh”? 🙂

Book 1, Chapters 12-22.


Btw, I realize there’s an issue here about scriptural quotations. Like most of the Fathers, St. Augustine expects that both you and he are very familiar with good chunks of the Bible. He moves in and out of quotations with the same ease as a Star Trek fan, both equally unable to talk for long without references creeping in. I will highlight some of these by using my “quote voice”. But honestly, I’m not about to do that all day, any more than I’m going to waste time and strain my listeners’ patience by putting on a Spock voice every time I say “logical”.  If you’re listening, you probably know what’s a quote. If you don’t, you’re enough of a fan that you’ll soon find out…. 🙂

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An Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine continues. Newman considers more instances of doctrinal development in practice in the early Church: original sin, infant baptism, communion in the hand, and the homousion.

(Btw, I know I don’t correctly pronounce homousion, or homoiousion, or any of that Greek stuff. Sorry. I do try, but I’ve never taken any kind of Greek.)

Ch. 4B


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