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My series of nearly randomly chosen letters by St. Jerome continues, as we finally finish out that letter to young Miss Eustochium, with some pretty good advice and imagery from our favorite curmudgeon.

Letter 22E


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“Letter 22” continues, and continues to have more uncomfortable criticisms which hit me than any five other works of the Fathers. No fair being relevant and topical, you saint guy!

I shall maintain my air of mystery by not telling you what the criticisms are.

Letter 22, Part 4


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This series of assorted letters by St. Jerome continues, as he keeps giving good advice to his young friend St. Eustochium, a patrician Roman teenager and consecrated virgin. Her mother, St. Paula, was all for her daughter’s calling; her other non-Christian and even Christian family members, not so much.

Letter 22, Part 3


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My series of various letters by St. Jerome continues, with more advice to a teenage consecrated virgin. In which St. Jerome tells the kid that it’s great to stay up late (“Watch” means staying awake all night in a vigil – vigilia=watch) and to fall asleep reading! Hey, St. Jerome, tell us to do some more fun things next time! 🙂

Letter 22, Part 2


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St. Jerome writes a nice long letter to a rich teenage patrician girl named Eustochium (and a wider audience too) about what she should do and not do in her chosen life as a consecrated virgin, especially since she lives at home in a Roman mansion and not somewhere out in the desert. She’s the daughter of his friend Paula, and he knows her and her family; many of her family members are pagans still. People regard her as deeply weird and a scandal, and have already tried hard to get her interested in doing more worldly things. So St. Jerome’s pretty frank about the potential problems of living unmarried for life, in a culture where only people having sex and enjoying luxurious indulgences all the time were deemed normal. (Nothing topical about this letter to us enlightened moderns. Nope.)

Letter 22, Pt. 1


This part should be a little more interesting for you than St. Augustine this week. Next week, still more scandal in Roman high life and the piece of advice from St. Jerome I am most likely to follow: “Read often; learn as much as you can.” (T-shirt!)

UPDATE: Link fixed. Sigh. I hate it when I make a mistake setting up a directory at archive.org. Title and directory name should never be confused, and I did confuse them. Again.

Btw, my dad is feeling about a zillion times better. But whatever he had, it was sure nasty stomach stuff.

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Assorted Letters by St. Jerome continues, with a letter to three close friends who later became bishops. St. Jerome mentions a sister of his, but we don’t know if that’s in a genetic sense or a Christian one.

Letter 7


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This series of Assorted Letters of St. Jerome continues, with a letter to Jerome’s old buddy Rufinus, who’s in the middle of desert monk territory with St. Melania, a rich Spanish lady who is spending all her money helping out the desert monks and nuns. It talks about a lot of stuff going on, including their old friend Bonosus’ new life as a hermit on a deserted island in the Adriatic.

Letter 3


UPDATE: Link fixed. Sorry about that.

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