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On Christian Doctrine continues, with more talk about how Christian teachers should talk.

Book 4, Chs. 9-16


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On Christian Doctrine continues, with some general rules on how to tell whether a phrase is figurative, and some explanations for passages that seem disturbing.

Book 3, Chapters 10-15


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On Christian Doctrine continues, with explanations of the wretched bondage of not understanding figures of speech as compared to the various wretched bondages to insufficient truth of the Jews and Gentiles, before Christ. I would say that this was too strong a comparison, but I’ve been on the Internet too long. 🙂

Book 3, Chapters 5-9.



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On Christian Doctrine continues. If you’ve never considered it a feature that that today’s Bibles come with capital and lowercase letters, commas, and periods, this part is guaranteed to make you embarrassing grateful for it.

Book 3, Chapters 1-4.


Sorry that I haven’t posted much this week. A lot of life has been happening, I was scatterbrained before that, and I’m still trying to figure out what I should do about all this voting for the “Most Spiritual Podcast” stuff. I guess I should put a post up that stays at the top, but it would look kinda weird when the next entry is for “The Beetle Horde”. 🙂 Anyway, there will be more St. Jerome tonight. I apologize for the inconvenience.

I’d appreciate prayers for my dad and his poor gut, as he was sicker than a monkey all yesterday and had to go to the doctor and get some pretty high-powered anti-spasmodic stuff. We hope he’s over it today.

For those of you who are waiting for our regularly scheduled podcasts of books already in progress, I’ll be getting back to them within the next week or so. I hope to get back on a more normal schedule as well, although the days of six-days-a-week podcasts are over for the foreseeable future. Thank you for your support through all this.

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On Christian Doctrine continues with a brief aside on why divination is both foolish and wicked, with some thoughts on astrology in particular. This is set up as an example of pagan knowledge that isn’t really useful to study. The interesting bit is that St. Augustine sees the whole thing as a sort of demonic con game for some people and of humans tricking themselves for the rest. (And yes, St. Augustine has more asides than a dodecahedral dice collection.)

Book 2, Chapters 19-24


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On Christian Doctrine continues, as St. Augustine talks about other skills that come in handy for the interpretation of Scripture, and the translations he likes.

Book 2, Chapters 14-18


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On Christian Doctrine continues, as St. Augustine talks about how to progress in studying Scripture, and then moves into talking semantics some more.

Book 2, Chapters 9-13


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On Christian Doctrine continues, as St. Augustine talks about why the Bible is hard enough to understand that it needs interpretation, how Scripture study assists one to travel toward wisdom, and what books of scripture he understood to be Scripture.

Book 2, Chapters 6-8


UPDATE: Bad link fixed.

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On Christian Doctrine continues, as St. Augustine returns to the realm of linguistics. Words are signs, so it’s time for semantics!

Book 2, Chapters 1-5


UPDATE: Bad link fixed. Sorry for the trouble!

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On Christian Doctrine continues, as all that love talk culminates in one idea — that all Scripture is meant to teach us to love, and that it must be read and interpreted through a lens of love.

Chs. 35-40, Book 1


Sorry for the confusing posts.

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On Christian Doctrine continues. In this interesting installment, Augustine continues to talk more about love of God and love of neighbor than the interpretation of scripture, but this is all going somewhere in the next segment. Besides, you wanted to think about whether angels were your neighbor, right?

Chs. 29-34, Book 1


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On Christian Doctrine continues. (Finally. It’s been since January. Sorry.)

St. Augustine hits out at people who thinks you shouldn’t love yourself or your body, and explains where self-love shows up in the Bible. Also, stuff on the order of love and who to help.

Chapters 23-28, Book 1


My mother wonders whether St. A had ADD. Personally, I think he was just as full of ideas as a shaken-up bottle of pop is full of fizz. 🙂

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On Christian Doctrine (St. Augustine’s book on interpreting Scripture) continues. Book I is about things and signs; but first we get to learn all about why free information sharing is a good thing and taught by Jesus; the ineffableness of calling God ineffable, and all kinds of other fun moments in linguistics theory. There’s some anticipation of Anselm’s favorite proof of the existence of God. Also, lots of theology and prayer life hints and advocacy of humility to theologians and… and so on.

The really sad thing (for us lesser writers) is that, not only does this rush of comments make sense in context and flow nicely from one point to the next, but that in any other author most of these points would be an essay or treatise or book. Here, they’re practically asides. Gah! No wonder people couldn’t wait for him to finish manuscripts before they started copying them on the sly and mailing them to their friends. (Sigh. There’s a definite qualitative difference in thought between those of us who are quite intelligent and had decent schoolings and those who are both really educated and real geniuses. St. Augustine demonstrates this. No wonder St. Albert was so exhilarated to win his point against him on the antipodes.)

Book I, Chapters 1-11.


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On Christian Doctrine is St. Augustine’s textbook on scriptural interpretation. The preface is pretty fun all by itself, and contains some good arguments that God does want us to learn from and receive graces by means of other human beings, as well as from purely supernatural sources.



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