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On Prayer continues, as Origen discusses the various recipients of prayer, and the forms of prayer which are properly directed to each.

(For example, Origen points out that one can clearly ask ordinary living sinful people to forgive your sins against them specifically, in ordinary speech; and this technically counts as a prayer. To pray is to ask or beg.)

Chapter 10: The Recipients of Prayer in Its Four Moods.



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On Prayer continues, with a discussion of four different types of prayer.

The classical division (shared by Jews and Christians) is petition, praise/adoration, thanksgiving, and contrition. Origen goes with Paul’s list to Timothy: request, prayer, thanksgiving, and intercession. Interesting stuff!

Chapter 9: The Four Moods of Prayer


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On Prayer continues, as Origen discusses the place of prayer in human life, and scriptural examples of the power and importance of prayer.

Chapters 7-8


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