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“The Were-Wolf” is a Norse historical fantasy story by Clemence Housman. (She was A.E. Housman’s sister, and did both professional writing and illustration.) I think you’ll enjoy it both as a slice of olden life and a dark fantasy.

Part 1


UPDATE: Broken link fixed. Augggggh! Sorry about that.

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The Ring and the Book continues, as the Pope ponders Guido’s appeal for a stay of execution. (As temporal ruler of the Papal States back then, he had authority over the courts of Rome and other places in his territories.)

Book 10: The Pope.


Btw, here’s the beautiful basilica church, San Lorenzo in Lucina, to which the murderers brought the bodies of Pompilia et al. Lucina was the Roman matron who owned the house which was made into the original church (titulus Lucinae); she hid Pope Marcellus I from Emperor Maxentius’ persecution.

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