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“The Valor of Cappen Varra” concludes, as it is tested by a huge troll and a beautiful princess.

Part 2.


Btw, for Cappen’s song I used the tune of “A Chantar M’er”, by the Comtesse de Dia. She was a trobairitz, a female troubadour. It fit the words pretty well, I think, although the original subject matter adds irony. Lots.


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“The Valor of Cappen Varra” is a fun, funny fantasy story set in a medieval Europe just a quarter-turn away from our own. This is what might happen if a troubador traveled to Norway, and magic were real.

Btw, if Cappen Varra seems familiar, you may know him from his stint as a castmember in the city of Sanctuary, in the Thieves’ World shared universe anthologies.

Part 1.


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“The Were-Wolf” ends, as Sweyn finds out just how much he didn’t know was going on.

Chapter 5.


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The Were-Wolf continues, as the brothers’ conflict comes to a head.

Part 4.


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“The Were-Wolf” continues, with more creepy Nordic winter and dark disagreements between brothers.

Part 3.


There’ll be at least one more week of this story.

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“The Were-Wolf” continues, as we finally meet the absent member of this Nordic household, and part of the mystery is revealed.

Part 2


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“The Were-Wolf” is a Norse historical fantasy story by Clemence Housman. (She was A.E. Housman’s sister, and did both professional writing and illustration.) I think you’ll enjoy it both as a slice of olden life and a dark fantasy.

Part 1


UPDATE: Broken link fixed. Augggggh! Sorry about that.

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The Argonautica continues, as the Argonauts make a fateful encounter and arrive in Colchis – the land of the Golden Fleece.

Part 11


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