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“The Unity of the Church” comes to a conclusion.

Part 4


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“The Unity of the Church” continues.

Part 3


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“On the Unity of the Church” continues.

Part 2


I should probably warn you also that this was recorded on my new computer with my new headset. So the sound may not be all that it could be. Sorry about that….


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In this treatise, “On the Unity of the Church”, the North African bishop (and future martyr) writes movingly about the unity of the Church. It’s not all that long — you can listen to all four parts in a little more than an hour — but it’s all pretty good stuff.

You may remember St. Cyprian of Carthage from another treatise of his that I podcast, “On the Lord’s Prayer”.

Part 1


Sorry to be so vague about this. I recorded a lot of this in the wee hours, back when I first had broken my arm and wasn’t able to sleep through the night. So honestly, what with time and lack of sleep, I don’t remember most of what this is about! 🙂 Also, sorry it’s taken me so long to start up again. I don’t have a lot of get-up-and-go at present. But I will finish up the stuff I started; please continue to be patient with me.

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