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The “Panegyric and Oration to Origen” continues, as St. Gregory tells us all about how Origen convinced his brother and him to come study with him. Then he tells about Origen’s methods of educating them in critical thinking and philosophy.

Part 4



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The “Oration and Panegyric” continues, as St. Gregory tells us how he managed to meet Origen in the first place.

Part 3


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From St. Gregory Thaumaturgus’ charming speech of farewell to his teacher, Origen. I’ve picked out his thoughts on our requirement to feel and express gratitude to other people and God. It’s interesting that he links this to the Eucharist (which of course means “thanksgiving”), and that he expresses great gratitude to Providence and his guardian angel. (I intend to read the whole thing for you next week. It’s good stuff, and you can see how Origen did live a life of great virtue as well as theological speculation and investigation.)

“On Gratitude”


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