The Life of Sir Aglovale de Galis is a little-known Arthurian fantasy novel from 1905, by Clemence Housman. (You may remember my reading of her Norse fantasy, “The Were-Wolf”, from last year.)

The idea of this book is that a disciple of Sir Thomas Malory is continuing the work of his “dear master” by writing a book about the life of one of his minor characters, the black sheep of King Pellinore’s sons. But unlike its later imitators, this book neither rewrites Sir Aglovale’s sins nor revels in his failings. Like so much of Morte d’Arthur, it’s a book about family, individual potential for good and evil, and repentance — as well as battles and feuds and intrigue. It does an interesting job of splitting the difference between medieval romance and modern novel. I like it, and I hope you will, too.

Chapter 1



The Brand of Silence ends at last, as the mystery is finally exposed.

Chapter 26: The Truth Comes Out.


Sorry it took me most of a year to get through this thing.

The Brand of Silence continues, as we find out what happened to the detective, Jim Farland.

Chapter 25: An Accusation.


The Brand of Silence continues, as Sidney Prale takes matters into his own hands.

Chapter 24: High-Handed Methods.


The Brand of Silence continues, as Much is Revealed.

Chapter 23: A Startling Story.


The Brand of Silence continues, as Sidney Prale receives a caller.

Chapter 22: An Unexpected Visitor.


The Brand of Silence continues, as the private eye faces captivity.

Chapter 21: Recognition.


“A Welsh Ghost Story” from 1883 for Christmas. Oooooh, creepy!

“A Welsh Ghost Story”


An Introduction to the Devout Life continues, with another chapter which helped inspire St. Therese of Lisieux’s Little Way. We also hear about not working ourselves up with currently-vain wishes, and about being fair to our neighbors while not giving ourselves too much slack.

Book 3, Chapters 35-37.


I’m done with Christmas preparations, and I’ve got some days off. So I’ll see about catching up a little.

An Introduction to the Devout Life continues. In these chapters, we hear about helpful and unhelpful forms of recreation and games.

Book 3, Chs. 31-34.


Yes, I know I’m falling behind something fierce. I’ll see what I can do.

An Introduction to the Devout Life continues, with more good advice on conversation, and a short course in how not to talk about people behind their backs.

Book 3,
Chapters 29-30


On the Soul and the Resurrection continues. St. Greg and St. Mac finish talking about the soul and purgatory, St. Macrina tells everybody to quit complaining and just suck it up when it comes to the divine plan, we move onto talking about the resurrection of the body, and we learn why believing in reincarnation takes all the fun out of food.

Part 9.


The Brand of Silence continues, as Jim Farland pokes his nose into the wrong dark corner.

Chapter 20


My New Advent Header

Pretty nice, huh?

This is a picture of Our Lady of the O, aka Our Lady of Expectation or Our Lady of Hope. This is Mary counting down the last week of Advent, waiting for her baby to come. (You can see the position of the baby marked by the Sun of Justice over her womb.) She is shown singing or pondering the O antiphons of that week from her book, accompanied by an angel band; and she is wearing a belt high over her tummy, which was how pregnant women dressed in many countries around the world.

Here’s another picture of the Madonna del Parto (Our Lady in pregnancy) which shows another common style of olden days pregnancy wear — laced clothing that’s been loosened. It may be a picture of Mary walking around right before birth, as it was common to have companions to walk you around and the angels might be them. The expression seems to say, “C’mon, already!”

Happy new Church Year!

An Introduction to the Devout Life continues, with a chapter on judging other people. (Don’t do it.)

Book 3, Chapter 28.