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My New Advent Header

Pretty nice, huh?

This is a picture of Our Lady of the O, aka Our Lady of Expectation or Our Lady of Hope. This is Mary counting down the last week of Advent, waiting for her baby to come. (You can see the position of the baby marked by the Sun of Justice over her womb.) She is shown singing or pondering the O antiphons of that week from her book, accompanied by an angel band; and she is wearing a belt high over her tummy, which was how pregnant women dressed in many countries around the world.

Here’s another picture of the Madonna del Parto (Our Lady in pregnancy) which shows another common style of olden days pregnancy wear — laced clothing that’s been loosened. It may be a picture of Mary walking around right before birth, as it was common to have companions to walk you around and the angels might be them. The expression seems to say, “C’mon, already!”

Happy new Church Year!

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An Introduction to the Devout Life continues, with a chapter on judging other people. (Don’t do it.)

Book 3, Chapter 28.


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