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Parody, that is. 🙂 “Chrysostom” is a nickname. It means “gold tongue”. (In English, we tend to talk of someone being silvertongued, instead.) Here’s a very short resume of his career.

To the tune of “Goldfinger”:

Go-oldtongue —
He’s the man, the man with the honeyed words —
Not moneyed words.
His old tongue
Beckon you to break from your chains of sin,
But will he win?

Golden words he will pour in your ear,
But what’s true has to move past your fear.
For the Golden Horn’s lord knows his hyssop
It’s the kiss-up’s death
From Bishop

Go-oldtongue —
Little men beware of his heart of gold —
Their hearts grown cold.

They don’t know real gold.
Lonely gold.
His word’s gold.
He speaks only gold.
Lonely gold.
His love’s gold!

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All right, so St. John Chrysostom, patriarch of Constantinople who alternated between superstardom and exile, was not American and never wrote about Thanksgiving. And the Letter to the Colossians is not about Gobble Day, either.

But there’s a lot of applicable stuff about giving thanks in Chrys’ homily series on Colossians, so enjoy!

“A Colossians Thanksgiving”.


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