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Yes, I’m still sinus’d up. I’m mostly better, but I just can’t shake this thing. I did manage to get through choir on Wednesday night, but my voice felt pretty shredded afterwards. I’ve been a little hoarse for most of a week and a half, although I’ve never actually lost my voice per se. There’ve been several days this week when my hoarseness did let up (which is why I went to choir), but the sinus headaches kick in when the voice starts feeling better. I love you guys and I love podcasting, but I’m not going to try to read with a hoarse voice or a headache right under my eyes!

If you’re on Audible, they’re having their half-price sale. You can get huge amounts of Bujold, Wodehouse, etc. One real gem is a collection of C.S. Lewis’ radio talks on The Four Loves. Obviously, this primary version is shorter and more generalized than the book. However, it’s also recordings of C.S. Lewis. On the radio. Does it get more awesome!? (It’s also proof that the BBC doesn’t always lose stuff and reuse the tapes… heh heh.)

If you want to listen to stuff free, you know there are tons of podcasts and free audiobooks and audio dramas out there. Sffaudio and Sonitus Sanctus are very good sources for finding what’s being produced, and of course Librivox is always a storehouse of good listening. Forgotten Classics is just starting a new one, too, so you can hop on that train.

With Anglican Use Catholics in the news as the new Anglican Ordinariate gets rolling, you might want to listen to the erudite and lively scriptural talks/classes given by the pastor of the Anglican Use parish of Our Lady of the Atonement. I know I’ve recommended these talks before, but there’s always new ones. (The Acts of the Apostles is ongoing at present.) It’s good stuff: educational, spiritual, and not at all dry. (Scroll down past the sermons to see all the selections — though the sermons are good too, if you’re in that kind of mood.)

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