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St. Irenaeus’ Against Heresies still has the top number of downloads: 66, 541. (Being very long helps, with those who download chapter by chapter.) That’s about 8% of total downloads. The next highest, the short-short fantasy anthology Fifty-One Tales by Lord Dunsany, is only 31,542 downloads. 🙂

Amusingly, my top 25 items are also all of the items with more than 5000 downloads; 15 of those have over 10,000 downloads. A good chunk of them are long religious nonfiction books. You might think this would mostly be the theology stuff, but no. The popular devotional works and books on prayer are clearly the winners, along with the super-long novels. The Rosary has slipped down to the top 25; but there are a great many recordings of the Rosary available for free online or for not very much money, so that’s not surprising. My conclusion is that a lot of people are hungry to know more about prayer and to deepen their relationship with God. Parishes and churches should do more to serve this need.

Epic poetry continues to be popular, but people don’t want to download it very much unless it’s totally finished. Also, they like the fantastic adventure ones better than normal stuff. That’s fair. I just need to work on not getting discouraged by these huuuuge masses of poetry while I’m doing them. (Yes, I need to finish The Ring and the Book. I’ve only got two more books to go, you’d think I’d get to it.)

I had 74 items with between 1000 and 5000 downloads. That’s a decent bell curve, I guess.

122 items had under 1000 downloads. Of those, 62 items had under 500 downloads. That’s a discouraging stat, especially since only 16 of them were from this year. But some stuff just isn’t going to get downloaded as much, especially if it’s a short poem or a story by an author whom people don’t recognize.

Of course, the major issue is that I need to make all the finished stuff more easy to find from this podcast page, and provide more information or more appealing description for files that need it.

I continue to appreciate the support of all of you who follow this podcast, and of all my listeners. I hope to make next year’s podcast more interesting for you all.


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