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On Christian Doctrine ends at last: with talk about how a preacher is most believable when he lives the way he talks; why wise truth is more important than eloquent expression (if you have to choose one, which hopefully you don’t); the permissible use of speechwriters; and an apology for how long this sucker turned out to be.

My version also turned out to take longer than I planned, and I thank those of you who’ve stuck with me. For those who like less seriality and more complete books, you will now find this one under the Completed Religious Books tab, in the Pastoral section. Enjoy!

Book 4, Chapters 27-31.


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On Christian Doctrine reaches its penultimate post of chapters, with a great deal of talk about what styles preachers should use, and how they should use them.

Book 4, Chapters 22-26.


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The Brand of Silence continues, as Farland sleuths after his client’s not-so-loyal cousin.

Ch. 12: Battered Keys.


UPDATE: Broken link fixed. My only consolation is that I keep finding brand-new ways to type the filenames wrong.

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