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And yes, I brazenly wasted hours on a Pangur Ban search project instead. I will make it up to you this week.

Re: my lack of energy —

Well, obviously it has a lot to do with flu this winter and allergies and sinus this spring, with lots of my energy shunting into bone growth, and with various fluctuations of mood. Not to mention my problem with getting to bed on time, since there’s nobody to make me put down the computer and step away from the TV. I have also been trying to get some other projects done, and there’s always work to tire me. Oh, and weight gain too, of course. And my website getting hacked and still needing more fixing. And so on. So yes, I’m more motivated to do things that don’t require much energy on my part than things that do.

But I really am feeling better most of the time. Choir takes it out of me, but I manage; and to be fair, choir also energizes me a lot. (Until I get home — and that’s just the nature of musical practice and performance.) Anyway, there’s only a couple more weeks of choir until summer comes, and then I’ll only be obliged to cantor a few Sundays all summer. (I can play hooky and sneak off to other parishes! Hee!) I’ve been managing more walks every day, so there’s muscle underneath the fat. My rehab with my arm is going okay, and my bone looks fine. It’s just not all going to come all at once, and I’m fine with that.

But I’m going to have to change my description of this podcast as “six days a week”. It’s obviously not, and it’s useless to push myself to it. I do have other projects that need completion, and that’s not going to happen without a reordering of my schedule.

But I will make it up to you this week. Just you wait. 🙂

Also, if you are feeling the need to read, Librivox has finally finished The Mysteries of Udolpho by Mrs. Radcliffe. 880 MB, even zipped. Total running time? Over 32 hours. Yeah, that’ll keep you busy for a while.


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