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Vista Crashing Audacity

Apparently, one of the many reasons you should avoid buying Vista is that Microsoft has changed the way it handles sound. Apparently this new “sound architecture” is what has messed up Audacity (my audio software) so much.

Ever since I got this new computer with Vista on it, and despite a lot of tinkering, Audacity has decided to crash at inconvenient times — usually after I’ve recorded for ten minutes. Everything will be fine for a while; but then all of a sudden, no recording over ten minutes. Then, after a while, no recording over about two minutes. And then, eventually, for no reason detectable to mere mortals, Audacity comes back.

I am informed that the new “beta” version of Audacity is actually pretty stable with Vista (despite Vista fighting it all the way, no doubt). I’m going to try it. Hope it works!

So yes, I’m tired and not terribly motivated. But fighting with Vista is what really takes the joy out of podcasting audiobooks. Buy anything else.


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