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On Christian Doctrine continues. In this interesting installment, Augustine continues to talk more about love of God and love of neighbor than the interpretation of scripture, but this is all going somewhere in the next segment. Besides, you wanted to think about whether angels were your neighbor, right?

Chs. 29-34, Book 1



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On Christian Doctrine continues. (Finally. It’s been since January. Sorry.)

St. Augustine hits out at people who thinks you shouldn’t love yourself or your body, and explains where self-love shows up in the Bible. Also, stuff on the order of love and who to help.

Chapters 23-28, Book 1


My mother wonders whether St. A had ADD. Personally, I think he was just as full of ideas as a shaken-up bottle of pop is full of fizz. 🙂

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I changed the header, then changed it again because I decided I didn’t like the look of that one. I don’t know what it is with that Sicilian guy Antonello de Messina. His paintings are just very attractive to me, he shows Mary and lots of other people reading, and so he’s bound to show up here again and again.

Archive.org has been messing about, for your convenience. You probably know about the Wayback Machine servers having been moved offsite (which is kinda weird, but whatever works). However, when you log onto the Audio section of the Archive, you’ll also notice that there are whole sections off by themselves for even more stuff now. There’s one for Sermons. There’s one for Podcasts. Etc.

(The interesting thing is that this is apparently leaving the top ten download stats field under generic Open Audio, largely to the Muslim folks, who are downloading a gazillion copies of Koran recitations, or whatever that stuff all is. They’ve been advancing up the stats for a while, so this probably isn’t just a seasonal thing. Still, it’s a bit curious that they wouldn’t have their own section, too. Probably not enough Arabic readers on staff to check content and arrange them correctly.)

They don’t do new 64k mp3s anymore, so don’t expect to see them. OTOH, they’ve got a ton of other formats and improvements going.

So if you experience any archive.org flakiness, you can at least be glad to know it’s For Your Own Good. 🙂

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