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Sorry for the Silence

I’ve had a really bad sore throat ever since I woke up on St. Blaise’s Day. 🙂 I’m still not up for it tonight, but I did feel a lot better today and hope to podcast something tomorrow morning.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

UPDATE: In retrospect, it seems that it was a Very Bad Idea to go back to work on Friday. I was feeling a lot better and very full of energy when I got up that morning, and did get a lot done; but I felt a lot worse after work. It also seems that it was a Bad Idea to go ahead and cantor on Saturday evening for the vigil Mass, as scheduled. My voice lasted, all right, but again, it really tired me out. So this morning I don’t have any real sore throat left, but I’m slugging down guaifenesin like nobody’s business, trying to clear out the gunk. Sigh. So much for getting to see and hear the new Archbishop or go to a Confirmation barbecue…..

But the guaifenesin and rest does seem to be helping. I just can never lie down to sleep, ever again. 🙂

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