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On Christian Doctrine (St. Augustine’s book on interpreting Scripture) continues. Book I is about things and signs; but first we get to learn all about why free information sharing is a good thing and taught by Jesus; the ineffableness of calling God ineffable, and all kinds of other fun moments in linguistics theory. There’s some anticipation of Anselm’s favorite proof of the existence of God. Also, lots of theology and prayer life hints and advocacy of humility to theologians and… and so on.

The really sad thing (for us lesser writers) is that, not only does this rush of comments make sense in context and flow nicely from one point to the next, but that in any other author most of these points would be an essay or treatise or book. Here, they’re practically asides. Gah! No wonder people couldn’t wait for him to finish manuscripts before they started copying them on the sly and mailing them to their friends. (Sigh. There’s a definite qualitative difference in thought between those of us who are quite intelligent and had decent schoolings and those who are both really educated and real geniuses. St. Augustine demonstrates this. No wonder St. Albert was so exhilarated to win his point against him on the antipodes.)

Book I, Chapters 1-11.



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