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Argonautica continues, as Jason and Medea go visit her famous auntie — that notorious sorceress, Circe. In a break from her usual characterization, Circe is depicted as a defender of order and justice, and a representative of normal human society! (Which goes to show you just how bad kinslaying was.)

Part 19



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Because I can’t leave well enough alone, here’s a bonus chapter for you. This is the last chapter of Volume I of The Art of Dying Well, missing from the Dalton translation (which is only Volume I). It was translated from Latin into Spanish by Fr. Andrade, S.J., (Madrid, 1881 edition) and then translated from Spanish into English by me.

This is not good scholarly procedure; but Bellarmine appears to have written his book to be translated, and Andrade and Dalton seem to have come out pretty similar in previous chapters. (According to my cursory skim, anyway.) So it should be fairly accurate.

Chapter 17: On devotion to Our Lady, and of her patronage in the hour of death.


If you’re interested, you might want to read an interesting history paper on the various books on dying well. Apparently some academic guy was blaming all the depressing and guilt-ridden bits of certain centuries’ culture on these books, as causing a “guilt culture” to arise through “culpabilization”. This is a lot easier to push on history majors who don’t actually bother to read said books, as this history guy who did read the books soon discovered. 🙂

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