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The Art of Dying Well concludes, at least in the 1847 Dalton translation, with a discourse on ways to protect the senses from being used by sin.

Chapter 16B


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The Art of Dying Well continues, with the first part of its final chapter. I should warn you that, although it’s supposedly about Extreme Unction (Anointing of the Sick), it’s really more stuff about avoiding sin. Which is of course handy, but makes for a bit of an abrupt ending.

It turns out that the English translation of this book doesn’t actually translate the whole book. There’s a very substantial second part of the book which covers topics like making your will and so forth, which Dalton either never got around to translating or which appears in some other volume which archive.org doesn’t have. Sigh. Also, there’s at least one more chapter to Dalton’s version, which likewise does not appear in the archive.org copy. Sigh. You can read this stuff in the Spanish translation, Arte de Bien Morir.

I apologize profoundly for not finding this out earlier. I did not exercise due diligence.

Chapter 16: On Extreme Unction.


UPDATE: Link fixed. Sorry!

It seems that Dalton’s translation comprises all but one chapter of Volume I, “Precepts for When We Are Healthy”. Chapter 17 is on devotion to Our Lady. Volume II, “Precepts for When Death Is Near”, is about the same length as Volume I. Possibly Dalton’s publishers only wanted to market books toward return customers. 😉


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The Art of Dying Well continues, as we reach its penultimate chapter!

Chapter 15: On Matrimony.


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