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The Sacrifice of the Mass continues, with an explanation of the “Last Gospel”, read at the end of an Extraordinary Form Latin Rite Mass.

Chapter 13C.


By the way, I also updated Ch. 13A. There was a lot of rattling noise on it from my old headset microphone, which I have now replaced.


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The Sacrifice of the Mass continues, as all the pre- and post-Communion prayers are explained, all the way to the dismissal. But wait, there’s more!

Chapter 13B.


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Podcast Problems

I’m sorry I’ve been slow to post again. Yesterday, I discovered that my laptop has started to turn itself off at odd intervals, while still plugged in. Apparently there is something wrong with the fan or the BIOS controlling it. I vacuumed out my laptop last night, but I don’t know yet if that has solved the problem.

Anyway, I do mean to post the podcast, but be prepared for delays.

Also, I found over the last couple weeks that my headset microphone has been rattling and making noise a lot, and I don’t know why. Wiring loose, or something like that. Anyway, I got a new headset. The only problem with the new Logitech one is that it has the “convenient” feature of being able to mute the microphone at a touch. Um. I don’t think that’s too convenient for me, because I’ve already had to go back and re-record sections! So I will probably go to Radio Shack and buy another Giga Ware one (their house brand).

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