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The “Panegyric and Oration to Origen” continues, as St. Gregory describes how Origen first broadened his students’ minds by teaching them geometry, astronomy, and other fields of math and science.

Then they were ready to study the philosophy of ethics and morals. But Gregory feels that Origen’s good example irwas what really taught him these subjects!

Part 5

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The “Panegyric and Oration to Origen” continues, as St. Gregory tells us all about how Origen convinced his brother and him to come study with him. Then he tells about Origen’s methods of educating them in critical thinking and philosophy.

Part 4


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The Ultimate Weapon continues, as Our Hero attempts to report the space invasion. Not as easy as you might think….

Chapter 2


Sorry I forgot to post this earlier. Pre-scheduling posts works really well — as long as you remember to do the actual posting! But the events of chapters two and three occur in parallel, so you didn’t miss anything if you listened to Chapter Three first.

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