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The Ring and the Book continues, as the public defense attorney finishes telling his side of the story.

Book 8E.


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The “Oration and Panegyric” continues, as St. Gregory tells us how he managed to meet Origen in the first place.

Part 3


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The “Oration and Panegyric” continues, with thoughts on gratitude, God, and guardian angels. (if you listened to the Thanksgiving thing, you’ve heard most of this.)

Part 2


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The “Oration and Panegyric Addressed to Origen” begins! St. Gregory Thaumaturgus (soon to be shanghai’d into becoming bishop of his hometown) made a speech to his teacher, Origen, as a thank you for all his kindness to both Gregory and his brother and fellow pupil, Athenodorus, on the occasion of their leaving to go home for good.

Last week, you may remember that I used an excerpt from this speech of thanks and farewell as my offering for Thanksgiving. I find this speech such an incredibly charming slice of early Christian life that I intend to inflict it all upon you, even though I can’t get it all done this week!

Part 1



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