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The Argonautica continues, as Jason sows the dragon’s teeth and fights the warriors of the Earthborn!

Part 16


PS — Don’t forget to watch the “Jason and the Argonauts” episode on the PBS show In Search of Myths and Heroes. It’s on tonight here, so it may be on in your part of the US also.

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The Art of Dying Well continues with a chapter on Communion.  This is all pretty timeless stuff, including admonishing people to do more than just their Easter duty, and worrying about priests who say Mass so that “….neither they themselves seem to know what they are doing, nor do they allow others to fix their attention on the sacred service.”

Chapter 12: On the Holy Eucharist.


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The Art of Dying Well continues with a chapter on Confirmation. And yeah, the good Cardinal Bellarmine’s view of the sacrament is radically affected by the very different way it was generally administered in his time — which is neither the same way as it was administered in living memory either before or after Vatican II. Interesting!

Chapter 11: Eleventh Precept — On Confirmation.


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The Art of Dying Well continues to teach the art of living well. The next seven chapters discuss the Seven Sacraments, and their place and purpose in a Christian’s life.

Chapter 10: Tenth Precept — Baptism.


I neglected the podcast over the Thanksgiving holiday here. Sorry! But I will try and catch up today in some fashion. (The next few weeks are going to be busy, so expect some spottiness of service.)

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The Sacrifice of the Mass continues its textbook explanations, as it covers that part of the Canon of the Mass (Eucharistic Prayer I) which is said after the Consecration.

Chapter 12E: The Prayer After the Consecration. Memento for the Dead.


This part of the chapter is a bit long, but I was a bit anxious to get this chapter done!

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