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Fr. Thomas Dubay’s TV series, St. John of the Cross: The Great Exchange is available free from EWTN this month, on their podcast page.

Whether you’re just studying St. John of the Cross for school or using him as a guide to prayer life, you really can’t do better than Fr. Dubay. He’s a good professor and priest in one, with a real commitment to truth.

The only potential problem is that his voice is very gentle and melodious, and they air most of his shows late at night, so that I only catch them when desperate to sleep. So I’m afraid I associate him, like smooth jazz music, with “insomnia cure”.  (That isn’t his fault, though.)

Anyway, you might want to download this show, and you might want to take notes.

And of course, once Fr. Dubay gets you excited about St. John of the Cross, you might also want to download my public domain audiobooks of The Ascent of Mount Carmel and The Dark Night of the Soul. 🙂

If you know Spanish, you might also want to download this podcast from archive.org about St. John of the Cross, which includes a reading of both the “Noche Oscura” (“Dark Night”) and “Llama de Amor Viva” (“Flame of Living Love”) by the podcaster, Teofilo de Jesus.  (I had no idea that “flama” and “llama” could be synonyms, but apparently with the old spellings and pronunciations, it is so.)

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