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The Argonautica continues as the Argonauts finally arrive at warm and friendly Colchis, and Eros shoots arrows.

Part 13


I didn’t post the Argonautica segment earlier this week because I had technical difficulties. So I’m posting both that segment and this next week’s segment on Saturday, to make up for it. Enjoy!

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Argonautica continues, as the action shifts to Olympus. Athena and Hera want to help the Argonauts, but they can’t figure out a cunning plan to win the Golden Fleece. They’re pretty sure that Medea could do it, but why would she help a stranger get valuables away from her father? So, goddesses… who ya gonna call?

Part 12:


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I think most of the short stories, novellas, etc. that I’ve read for the podcast are now linked on the “Completed Short Fiction” page. This should make stories a bit easier to find, especially since I still haven’t finished tagging everything.

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The Art of Dying Well continues, with a look at the three theological virtues: faith, hope, and charity/love.

Chapter 3: Third Precept: Faith and hope and charity.


“Heretic” isn’t a term that gets used much these days, which is just as well, since it’s so misunderstood of a term and applies to very few people. But I should probably note, in connection to comments that Bellarmine makes, that you’re not considered a heretic unless you know for sure that something is true that is taught by Jesus’ Church, and you turn away from that truth on purpose. (Especially if you do it just to be different. Haeresis = difference, IIRC.) If you purposefully deny something that you do know is true, of course your faith must be feigned. And logically, one wouldn’t expect that you’d get any help in learning how to live or die well from playing make-believe games about religion.

But if you don’t know that something is true and therefore don’t believe the true thing, you’re not a heretic; you’re just unlucky and ill-informed. So Bellarmine isn’t saying that you have to be Catholic to have any chance of going to heaven.

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The Art of Dying Well continues, with more on learning to live well as preparation for death — by acting dead to the world and alive to God.

Chapter 2: Second Precept: Die to the world.


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