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The Sacrifice of the Mass continues its explanation of the Extraordinary Form of the Latin Rite Mass.

Chapter 10: The Gospel and the Creed.


Btw, how do you like my new header for November? The picture of Mary is by Antonello da Messina, and I think it’s very striking.

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The Art of Dying Well continues.

Chapter 1: He who desires to die well must live well.


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The Art of Dying Well begins with a preface by St. Robert Bellarmine. He opines that the art of dying well is the most important knowledge you can have. He also discusses how it is that, though death is a bad thing, it does have its good side.

Preface by Bellarmine


This seemed to be a good topic for November and Advent, especially as it’s an aspect of life and prayer life that we’ll all have to face, but which is not really talked about much in today’s world.

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The Art of Dying Well is a book about just that, written in 1619 by Cardinal Roberto Bellarmino, who was himself preparing to die.

This is the translator’s preface to the 1847 public domain translation I’m using, by Father John Dalton, an English Catholic priest.

To the Reader


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The Mysterious Affair at Styles continues, as Poirot isn’t telling Hastings much. Why would that be?

Chapter 8: Fresh Suspicions.


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