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The Story of a Soul is followed in this edition by an epilogue on St. Therese’s sufferings and death by ‘A Prioress of the Carmel’ — whom I think is Pauline. It’s full of interesting stuff.

Part 1 of Epilogue: A Victim of Divine Love, by ‘A Prioress of the Carmel’.



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In the public domain edition I used, The Story of a Soul was preceded in the public domain edition I used by a helpful public domain preface, by the English editor and translator, Fr. T. N. Taylor, explaining the stories of some of the people mentioned in St. Therese’s book, and going into some of the circumstances of her parentage and birth.

The romantic and God-touched story of her parents’ meeting is that Zelie saw Louis one day while crossing a bridge, and heard an interior voice tell her that “this is the man” that had been prepared for her. She didn’t know him, and had no idea that his mother was in one of her lacemaking classes. Mme. Martin was favorably impressed by Zelie, who was a good businesswoman and a kind person as well, and began to try to introduce her son to Zelie and meet her parents. 🙂

Preface: The Parentage and Birth of Marie Francoise Therese Martin, by the editor, The Rev. T.N. Taylor.


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The Sacrifice of the Mass continues its textbook explanation of Mass in the Extraordinary Form of the Latin Rite. But this chapter doesn’t have anything in it that doesn’t apply to the Ordinary Form just as well.

Chapter 7: The Introit, Kyrie, and Gloria in Excelsis.


The Introit for each Sunday Mass is still printed in Missalettes and other sources. But we just don’t get to hear it much, nor do most of us know that psalm verses are to be sung or recited along with it. The translation of the Gloria here is a good literal translation of the Latin; the official English translation does indeed leave out a lot, which is why we’re getting a new official translation Real Soon Now. So this is a very good chapter for anybody wanting to understand a Latin Rite Mass’ format or deepen their understanding of its spiritual riches.

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The Mysterious Affair at Styles continues (finally) with a suggestion by Lawrence Cavendish and a surprise from the chemist shop.

Chapter 6: The Inquest.


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